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The TMX framework support XML files as config files. This version Supports only import and export of variables.

To generate a config file, just save one or more variables to a file:
Export-TMXTestSettings C:\1\export_all.xml -VariableName (Get-Variable | %{ $_.Name; })
or simply
Export-TMXTestSettings C:\1\export_two.xml -VariableName ErrorPreference,WarningPreference

Using our export files as samples, let's create our config:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <variable name="var1" value="1" />
  <variable name="var2" value="two" />
  <variable name="var 3" value="3 3 3 3" />

To import settings from a file, issue the following:
Import-TMXTestSettings C:\1\our.config -VariableName var
or all the content:
Import-TMXTestSettings C:\1\our.config

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