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There are now three ways to export test results:
1. to an HTML page (the legacy code)
2. to a XML file
3. to a SQLite database

1. This is the oldest way and is a subject of re-writing in the near future. There are two types of export file: full and summary.
Export-TMXTestResults -As HTML -Path c:\1\test_results_1.htm
Export-TMXTestSummary -As HTML -Path c:\1\test_summary_1.htm
The second file is the same as the first, but this contains only test suites and test scenarios.
The first file contains screenshots, error records and all test result details you specified.

2. Export to a XML file works similarly to Search-TMXTestSuite, Search-TMXTestScenario, Search-TMXTestResult:
Export-TMXTestResults -As XML -Path c:\1\xmlreport_all.xml -FilterAll -OrderByTimeSpent
Export-TMXTestResults -As XML -Path c:\1\xmlreport_passed.xml -FilterPassed -OrderByName
Export-TMXTestResults -As XML -Path c:\1\xmlreport_not_tested.xml -FilterNotTested -OrderByName
Export-TMXTestResults -As XML -Path c:\1\xmlreport_not_tested_desc.xml -FilterNotTested -OrderByTimeSpent -Descending

3. export to a test DB (you need the right package, it'ssensitive to the version of .NET and processor architecture):
New-TMXTestDB -ResultsDB -FileName C:\1\1\.db3 -Name db1
... some code ...
Screenshot and error records are written into DB (some bug related to absence of separators before apostrophes are expected). You may use standard tools to review the content of the DB, for example,

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