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Project Description
The main purpose of this project is to provide software engineers, who use PowerShell as the primary environment for testing, with free from-the-test-code tools helping to manage tests.

Despite the fact that the market is full of solutions, especially proprietary and for money (though free are available too), we started a new one. In our opinion, this project will help more in integration tests from within the PowerShell code.

The first stage (completed by now) is to deliver management of test suites, test scenarios and test results, and small import/export capabilities.

The second stage is targeting on reporting (partially completed). There is two types of HTML reports and the ability to export test results filtered and in a custom order.

The third stage is to add to the project ability ot save results in a database, and store to and load object repositories from a database.

And further, there will be compatibility with the existing systems like TFS Express.

Note: as the product is usually shipped within the package, the most recent edition may be also found there.

Source code is stored within the suite's code.

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